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About Us

What We Do

DataTech911 is a dedicated group of professionals committed to making communications and data-sharing between 9-1-1 call centers and their response agencies seamless, reliable, and timely. Software products by DataTech911 streamline emergency response efforts by providing secure real-time data-sharing and analytics.

Prior to 2012, we provided real-time software solutions to Department of Defense (DoD) customers. We have used that expertise and experience to build real-time solutions to the 9-1-1 community.

Our company’s goal is to provide a smooth transition from manual communications to automatic data-sharing. We guide our customers through best practices and work with their existing technology partners to provide an integrated solution. Our employees are committed to providing a reliable trusted solution for our customers in this critical environment.

Who We Are


Swati Allen

Swati provides strategic direction for DataTech911 as well as managing business operations including, but not limited to, marketing, funding, finances, accounting, legal, and human resources,
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Michael Salonish

Vice President
Michael directs the development of innovative solutions for public safety at DataTech911. With over 35 years of experience in the field of systems engineering and integration, he has led multiple projects for clients across various sectors, including, healthcare, public safety, and DoD.
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Paul Seabury

Chief Technology Officer
Paul has been a respected technology leader at DataTech911 for 20 years with experience spanning software architecture, business intelligence, application creation and secure infrastructures.

Heather Kyle

Director, Software Engineering
Heather has been an integral member of the DataTech911 team for over 17 years. Her expertise in application development, engineering management, and technical customer interactions has ensured customer success with our products.

How We Work

Over the past 10+ years we have been fortunate to work with many public safety agenicies and each new customer has shared their experiences with us. We turned their experiences and needs into product features that encompass a vast array of different approaches to emergency services. We learned very quickly that each community’s approach to 9-1-1 is unique. For each customer it is important to us

  • to understand what their community needs
  • to provide technical excellence in our products
  • to efficiently deploy and maintain our products

Even though our solutions have been scaled to support larger operations, we target small to medium-sized communities – they have less resources but the same and sometimes even more complex problems as larger communities. Our solutions fit within their budgets and personnel resources.

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